Bowls Underlay

Greengauge first engaged with our UK bowls surface manufacturer Leigh Spinners in the late 1990’s.

Manufactured in England our Greengauge artificial bowls surfaces have evolved to our current offering of the Greengauge Punch 1350 and 1700 bowling surface systems. In tandem with that development we allow offer various weighted options of Greengauge Bowling underlays suitable for our Greengauge Punch surfaces. The Needle Punched surface was initially developed as a slower speed outdoor bowls surface designed with longevity in mind. It remains today the dominant surface in Europe within the hotel/holiday industry. Over the last 20 years the Needle Punch surface has been installed successfully around the world.

Note: Leigh Spinners were formed in 1913 and are members of the Sports and Play Construction Association – SAPCA. A Company with a strong history of tradition, workmanship and innovation whose products stand the test of time. ISO 9001 certification has been achieved and this provides increased customer confidence and allows Greengauge to supply the bowling market specifically if any Clubs demand that level of certification. Their in-house testing facilities means that product assessment can work within a tight, just-in-time, basis.

There is a choice of underlays which marginally affect speed however the Needle Punch surface itself substantially determines the variable between of between 12.5 and 14 seconds which for many Club bowlers is an ideal speed for a bowling green given the sometimes windy conditions experienced outdoors.

Greengauge Outdoor Synthetic Underlay and Punch 1350/1700 specifications: Click here

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