Outdoor Base Construction

Greengauge offer 3 types of base construction delivered by dedicated Construction Engineering Companies with an outstanding pedigree of producing quality bases at WB standards over a period in excess of 25 years.

A typical specification includes:


An engineer will set out the works providing compliance with any Health and Safety Regulations and within the plan will provide for the transportation of plant and machinery to and from site.
There will be an excavation to remove vegetable soil 10mm deep (This depth will depend on local conditions) to ideally be spread on other areas close to the site or to be removed. The formation will be trimmed and compacted and then weedkilled as a precautionary measure. Particular attention during this process will be given to tree and other well embedded roots.


Excavate trenches below ditch channels and supply and install 100mm (4”) diameter perforated UPVC land drains covered in Terram and back filled utilising 20-25mm pea gravel or similar.
Excavate trenches diagonally across the bowling green and supply and install 80mm UPVC perforated land drains covered in Terram then backfilled utilising 20-25mm pea gravel or similar.
Supply any install UPVC junctions as necessary
Supply and install a precast concrete silt chamber
Excavate afor and supply and install a stone soakaway including making the connection to the silt chamber

Supply and install ditch channels to architect detailed drawing including kerb edgings

All above are subject to prevailing conditions

Greengauge as previously stated offer a range of 4 base construction options:

You can supply and install any of the Greengauge bowling Systems Greengauge Woven / Greengauge Punch 1350 / Greengauge Punch 1700

1. Tar Macadam Base

  • Sub-Base and Macadam to Green
  • Supply and lay geotextile (Terram 1000 or equivalent)
  • Supply, lay and compact 200mm thick layer of frost resistant stone sub-base (top 50mm laid by laser controlled paver)
  • Supply, lay and roll 40mm thick layer of 20mm open graded bitumen macadam base course and 25mm thick layer of 10mm open graded bitumen macadam wearing course finished to World Bowls (WB) tolerances

2. Concrete Base

Constructing a structural slab, calculating for thickness and steel content, by a qualified structural engineer, who will take into account the local ground conditions being experienced onsite.

This slab is normally be made up of the following:

  • A minimum of 150mm of C25 concrete is laid in bays 3.00m wide always running in the opposite direction to the main playing direction.
  • The concrete is to have a layer of A142 steel mesh reinforcement. The mesh should be no closer than 50mm to the surface.
  • Between the concrete bays 20mm diameter steel bars must be inserted at one metre centres with one half coated in a plastic sleeve or coated with bitumen these steel bars avoid curling during the curing period.
  • When each bay has been laid to an approved level and prior to complete vcuring the concrete will be power floated to obtain optimum level. After power floating the surf ace concrete is sprayed with a moisture curing product to avoid concrete evaporation.
  • Upon completion of the concrete laying process 25mm deep saw cuts are to be created at 10 metre centres.
  • Upon completion of all structural works the finished concrete screed must be tested using a 3m straight edge to ensure WB level standards are complied with.
  • The finished tolerances must comply with +/- 2 mm under a three metre straight edge and +/- 5mm from datum.

3. Dynamic Base

This type on base should only be used as a last resort when funding for an engineered base is not available and on the strict understanding that base levels will move with this system. Ober a period of time regardless of how well consolidated remedial work with additional costs will be ongoing.

See Engineered v Dynamic information sheet: Click here

  • The method is considering Dynamic is to excavate to the required depth, compacting and trimming. Excavating and installing a Perimeter Drain using Perforated Plastic Pipe, backfilling with gravel. Installing Terram or asimilar geo-fabric membrane.
  • Lay Edgings to Green Perimeter laid to a level to meet Bowls requirements
  • Lay 150mm Type 1 MOT Frost Resistant Stone – Roll and Compact
  • Lay 30mm layer of 4mm to dust Granite – Laser Grade to a Level, Compact and Roll
  • Tolerance required to WORLD BOWLS specifications
  • Form side ditches by laying Kerb Edgings 200mm from edge of playing area
  • Form End Banks in Brick/Block Work 300mm from edge of playing area and to a finished height of Minimum 250mm above playing surface

4. Bonded Base

  • Currently the main method of installing bases in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Assumes a level and stable site.
  • If there has not been a previous Geotechnical report on the site for the green, this is recommended. Note: Sub grade movement impacts the playability of the synthetic bowls surface and is to be avoided
  • Establish site with safety fencing.
  • Use existing ditch walls where possible in a conversion, or build new.
  • Use existing drainage lines in the base where possible in a conversion, or build new.
  • Supply and install new plinths.
  • Uplift existing surface and remove from site – depth to be advised.
  • Remove spoil to ideally a nearby site.
  • Supply lay and compact a 200mm thick layer of frost resistant Type 1 stone sub-base. This size varies with regard to local conditions
  • Supply, place and laser level new bowls blend crushed rock to a nominal depth of 30mm. This size varies with regard to local conditions.
  • Apply a Bonding agent (a free draining silicate that bonds the surface material of the base, rather than leaving loose material) the crushed rock surface. Screed playing surface with regulating sand, tack coat with Bonding agent


Perimeter Path to Bowling Green
Example: Provide 1.2m wide path to perimeter of bowling green with precast concrete paving slabs on sand bed on stone foundation or in tarmacadam – Coloured if required. Other alternatives include mon-blocking or ab artificial grass surface


Example: Supply and install a 1.8m high fence including multiple options of finish supported normally by 2.4m long concrete/treatyed timber/plastic posts set 600mm into ground and surrounded in concrete, including 150mm timber gravel board

Ditch Infill

Manufactured exclusively for Greengauge we offer two Rubber ditch fill products both of which are specifically designed to quickly catch and hold any jack or bowl entering the ditch area. Both of the options – Spikey and Egg box styles are long lasting and can be used both indoors and outdoors as they are both UV stabilised
The infills are easily installed and cleaned and are cost effective.
Spikey mats measure 500mm x 300mm
Egg box can be cut to length but normally are in 250 and 300mm widths as standard

Artificial bankings

Greengauge offer a wide range of UV stabilised products including Greengauge Woven and Needle Punch along with artificial grass all of which aesthetically look great and in terms of function provide a cushioning effect to assist any bowls or jack that strikes the bankings to rebound into the ditches

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