Greengauge Outdoor Woven

Manufactured exclusively in Europe for Greengauge for over 30 years

Greengauge is ideally installed over an engineered base typically Tar Macadam and Concrete in Europe or a bonded base in other countries.

Manufactured from 100% polypropylene incorporated into a semi-worsted yarn utilizing specially selected high quality coarse and fine denier fibres. This engineered yarn is UV stabilised to the maximum achievable 650KL iand provides the tightest weave in the industry with limited elasticity. The outcome after install is an excellent, consistent, durable bowling surface that is ideal for playing bowling.

  • Greengauge designed high quality selvedges provides stronger long lasting seams.
  • A consistent glare reducing colour and texture designed to please the eye.
  • Greengauge can we installed over different underlays to provide various speeds
  • Available in widths of 4.58m (15’).

Surface Products

Greengauge woven (BowlsWeave in Australia and GreenWeave in New Zealand)

Greengauge Punch 650 needle punch bowling surfaces


A standard size green is normally made up of 8 or 9 panels eaxch 4.56m wide. Our own directly employed and trained teams complete all of the fitting work. All seams are machine sewn with colourfast and high strength Nylon or UV stabilised Tenara thread. We provide a comprehensive and on-going maintenance service to ensure that the maximum useful life of your bowls surface investment is achieved.

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