Cleaning & Maintenance

Whilst an Artificial Green is low maintenance and less skilled there are requirements throughout its lifespan to ensure a quality surface and value for money is achieved.

With no major level of skill required all club members can participate and a weekly rota organised so it is not an onerous task to a few people. Below are our recommendations on a Weekly, Monthly and Annual basis.

It is stressed that ongoing maintenance is an essential requirement to meet the terms of the guarantees given on our WORLD BOWLS approved Bowls Surfaces and to ensure the carpets are kept clean and in good condition. Failure to undertake correct maintenance can cause early wear, increased green speed and draw plus possible drainage problems if dirt from the atmospheric pollution is allowed to become embedded then harden.

Experience of dealing with Artificial Bowling Greens for many years has shown that clean carpets provide the best bowling characteristics. A well maintained carpet will continue to provide good playing characteristics and an excellent appearance for many years.


Regular vacuuming must be carried out on a weekly basis to ensure all dirt and debris are removed from the surface.

It is recommended that an industrial wet/dry suction cleaner is used once per week to remove atmospheric dirt which will settle on a surface. Used in the dry mode this will normally be sufficient but, it has been found that the best results are obtained if cleaning is carried out when the carpet is wet or at least damp.

In prolonged dry weather occasional use of a water hose prior to cleaning is beneficial. Debris such as leaves, twigs, etc., should be swept away using a brush with bristles of medium hardness. Alternatively, in dry weather, a recommended suction cleaner with rotating brushes and a separate debris collection system may be used.

Recommended machines are: Click here


If the surface is holding water it will be beneficial to apply a Wetting Agent. This will maintain a porous surface and breakdown surface tension and build-up of environmental pollutants. Apply the product neat to the surface for best results apply using a knapsack or walkover sprayer. U.K weather conditions tend to promote growths of moss and algae on artificial bowls surface particularly if left unchecked. This can eventually affect drainage of water through the carpet and treatment is therefore essential.

Application of a proprietary brand of moss killer /decidable is recommended, using a gardeners knapsack spray, a watering can with attached rose or a walkover sprayer (Leaflet available) and as per the makers instructions. It is advisable to apply moss treatment before growth becomes prevalent and more difficult to remove, biannual application will inhibit moss and algae.

Once moss/algae have been killed, usually within 7-10 days after application, the carpet may be immediately cleaned with the suction cleaner to remove the debris. If the moss growth is not extensive a stiff broom may be used to remove dead material. It is advisable to apply moss treatment before growth becomes prevalent. Treatment twice a year in Autumn and spring is recommended by Greengauge.


After several years if there is a build up of Moss/ Algae it may be beneficial to carry out a Power Wash. This should be done carefully utilising a carpet detergent during the operation and applying a Moss Treatment afterwards – Greengauge can carry out this work if required.


When a Greengauge bowling system Woven or Punch is installed in warm, sunny weather, it is not normally necessary to carry out further tensioning, Should installation take place in cool or inclement weather it may be necessary to re-tension the carpet where conditions are suitable. However, it has not been found necessary to carry out regular re-tensioning of Greengauge surfaces unlike the requirements for less stable competitor products. The only subsequent maintenance will be periodic re-positioning of the end panels of the Greengauge surface to ensure that all panels are eventually use in the area where the wear is heaviest. Based on experience to date it is envisaged that re-positioning will not normally be required until a surface is at least 4-5 years old, possibly much older. This work is undertaken by our specialist fitters to ensure maximum possible surface life.


The Greengauge bowls surfaces all drain at a far greater rate than the WB standard and very quickly even after prolonged and heavy rain, there should be minimal disruption to play. There is no technical reason to stop playing during wet weather.


Moss killer/algaecide – Specification sheet: Click here
WETTING AGENT- Specification sheet: Click here


Walk Over Sprayer – Information sheet: Click here

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