Formula One

Performance, Speed & Durability

Duralay underlay has been manufactured in the UK since 1954. The Greengauge Formula One bowling green underlay has been recently developed, and is generally manufactured to tighter tolerances than competitor products.

Our product is specifically designed to withstand the rigours of Indoor Bowling and it critically influences the performance, speed and durability of a bowling green. Greengauge Formula One underlay has been developed to generally deliver speeds of 17.5 seconds (+/- 5%) that most Indoor Clubs appreciate.

A Greengauge Woven Surface and a Formula One bowling green underlay provides the perfect system that has the Performance, Speed, and Durability that Bowling Clubs desire.

Supply and install – Greengauge Indoor Woven 100% polypropylene surface, 850g/m2 (+/- 3%) fully UV stabilised, manufactured, and supplied solely by Greengauge Surfaces, UK. Each panel to be rolled out the opposite way to the direction of the bowling and each seam to be machine stitched for perfect results. Bowling Surface to be stretched and fixed onto the gripper to the lower near side of the ditches. Gripper to be replaced if required.

Supply and install – Duralay FORMULA ONE Bowls Underlay, an exclusively manufactured rubber crumb underlay for Greengauge by Interfloor Ltd, Haslingden, UK. Each panel to be rolled out the opposite way to the direction of the bowling, with each seam taped for perfect results. Underlay will be fitted so that it is overhanging each side of the green.

Speed of green to be approx. 17.5seconds (+/-5%) measured over 27 metres.

All seams to be stitched using bonded nylon sewing thread.

End banks and ditches to be covered in Greengauge synthetic surface. Assume standard height of side/end banks to be a maximum of 0.76m if greater than this there will be a chargeable extra.

Bowling green to be fully marked ready for play i.e. numbers, rink dividers, 2 and 23 metre markers, live bowls and jack markers. Subject to an agreed maintenance schedule being adhered to, Greengauge Bowling Surface is fully guaranteed for 12 years and comes with twelve months no defects period.

Technical Specifications
Nominal Thickness 6.0mm (+/- 5%)
Density 4.15kg/m3
Weight 2.7kg/m2
Hot Metal Test – PASS BS 4790 &

BS 5287

Roll width 1.37m
Roll length – variable Rink size
Work of compression 86 J/m2
Retension of work of compression 91.50%
Breaking Strength 744N/352N
Resistance to cracking – PASS BS 5808
Green speed – Greengauge installed surface 17.5sec (+/- 5%)


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